Ballyscullion Parish Church

  St Tida's Church of Ireland - Bellaghy


How to be Content about the Contribution our home makes to the running costs of Ballyscullion Parish Church 

 Ballyscullion Parish Church has been an integral part of the Diocese of Derry & Raphoe in the Church of Ireland.

It is the most easterly parish of this diocese which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in west Donegal to Lough Neagh in Co Londonderry.

To avail of the services of the Christian Diocese of Derry & Raphoe such as the supply of clergy for taking services, conducting baptisms, weddings, committals, etc. we should strive to contribute our fair share - just like other parishes do!

The diocesan fee is based on the number of families who claim membership of our church. Like most things, it is gradually increasing with the passage of time!

The question is "Is my household keeping-up or is it an actual burden to the church we attend?"

Take the test below by completing the boxes;

  • The total number of people (including children) in my house who
    use the church facility
  • The total annual sustentation my family pays to Ballyscullion Church

Enter Your Household Information:

1) The Number of Adults in my House
2) The Number of Children in my House
3) The Total Contributions from my House
to Ballyscullion Parish Church Funds in the last year

Payment Information Guide:
4) Total Number of Persons in my House:
5) The Diocesan Fee for my House is:

I therefore need to contribute the following -
 just to cover our house's diocesan fee:








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