Ballyscullion Parish Church

St Tida's Church of Ireland - Bellaghy


“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”   


What is happening at this church?



This church consists of families from Bellaghy village and its rural hinterland who meet regularly in the church building to confirm and develop their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Every week on the Sabbath the Rector or, in his absence, a visiting clergyman or lay-reader conducts a service of praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God.

This service begins with a hymn usually taken from the Church of Ireland hymn-book. The singing is led by the church organist and the church choir. The rector then uses the form of morning service found in the Church of Ireland prayer book wherein he leads the assembled congregation in the public confession of our sins and invites us all to affirm the main tenets of the catholic faith by reciting together the Apostles Creed. We join together in singing and reading aloud one or more of the Psalms of David. Other hymns and carols appropriate to the time of year or current circumstances (harvest, Easter, Christmas, etc.) are sung. Passages of scripture from the Bible, appropriate to the time of year are read.

The highpoint for many is the rector's sermon delivered usually from the pulpit. He takes a Bible passage and develops it into a modern day setting. He will have spent quite some time during the previous week reading and studying the pros and cons of his chosen subject and he will take up to 15 minutes telling us what his thinking is! Whatever the subject, he will have stimulated us to look again at our own strengths and weaknesses and we will leave afterwards full of new confidence to live a better life here on earth in the coming week.

The rector will not try to con us into thinking that merely the doing of good works or the giving of money or property to the church will in any way help to save our souls when we sooner or later have to meet our God and account for our life on earth. He will have told us again and again the biblical fact that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. No amount of praying to or kissing statues, images or idols will count with God. We have to mature a genuine sure faith in the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to contemplate a new life after this one one on earth is taken from us.

Some of the St. Tidas' church services are Holy Communion services where those that have previously received the 'laying on of hands' by the Bishop of the Diocese can fully partake of the Bread and Wine in solemn memory of Jesus Christ's death and passion.

Other services are often held during the week and at specific festival times during the church year.

Visitors are always made very welcome and can come either by previous arrangement with the Rector, or any parishioner, or by simply turning up at the church when any service is being held.

Make a note of our next service in the church and come along and see us - we would be honoured that you made the effort.