Ballyscullion Parish Church

St Tida's Church of Ireland - Bellaghy


“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”   


Vestry Membership (updated March 2019)


Rev Brian Hassan


Rector's Churchwarden:
Mrs Pamela Donnelly

People's Churchwarden:

Mr Wesley Davidson

Rector's Glebewarden:
Mr Ivor Milligan

Rector's Supplemental Glebewarden:

Mr Jack Dowie

People's Glebewarden:
Mr Andrew McQuillan

People's Supplemental Glebewarden:
Mr Ivor Milligan

Sunday School Teachers:
Mrs Yvonne Davidson
Mrs Helen McQuillan
Miss Jacqueline Overend


Mr Fred Dunlop

Select Vestry Members:

Miss Jacqueline Overend, Mr Wesley Davidson,
Mrs Pamela Donnelly, Mr John Junkin,
Mrs Elma Overend, Mr Ivor Milligan,
Mrs Yvonne Davidson, Mrs Alva Overend
Mr Andrew Overend, Mrs Anne Davison,
Mrs Sandra Overend, Mr Jack Dowie, ,
Mr Andrew McQuillan, Mr Robert Overend,
Mr Nigel Overend.

Diocesan Synodsmen:

 Mr Jackson Frew, Mr John Junkin

Supplemental Diocesan Synodsman:
 Mr Nigel Overend

Honorary Secretary:

Mrs Sandra Overend
160 Mayogall Road
Ballymacpeake Lower
BT44 8LX

Honorary Treasurer:

 Mrs Anne Davison
 58a Moneygran Road
 BT51 5SL