Ballyscullion Parish Church

St Tida's Church of Ireland - Bellaghy


“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”   


Ballyscullion Young at Heart Club


Tangible Health Benefits 

Time for a Spring Serenade (Heaney Centre)Stopping or, at least, seriously slowing the ageing process often comes with getting out of the house, away from the sink, the television or even the un-relenting garden! The effects of actively socialising in broad daylight has an amazing influence in decision making and generally maintaining one's own integrity.

Each of us in turn has the real capacity to instil a thrilling sense of value in our fellow members - which ultimately leads to healthy living at its absolute best. The health benefits experienced (according to research at Rochester University) will include;

  1. A lowered risk of cardio-vascular events 
  2. Reduced arthritis effects 
  3. Push-back of the onset of any Alzeimer's disease 
  4. Dissolution of depression 
  5. Learning to smile again - & with a grin!  

Usually meets on alternative Tuesdays at 10:30am
in the St Tida's Parish Hall

Open to any local over-sixties (approx!) who want to remain very young at heart

See current programme for up-to-date details










Maurice Diamond - Medicine Information